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Grown Up Parties!

Usually grown-ups ask about having their own parties at Redwood Raks while they're having a blast 

partying with their little ones. I am happy to offer "grown-up parties" for you!

Here are some theme ideas and thoughts. Email or call (707) 616-6876 to discuss it.

Belly Dance Party

Lovely space decorated in purple and red, brass and peacock feathers, opulent areas for relaxing, snacking, and dress-up. Learn fabulous dance moves including Belly Dance basics and veil dancing (and drumming if you'd like!).

Fairy Party

Choose from: Elemental Fairies • Flower Fairies •
Seasonal Fairies (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter)
Choose some lovely fairy crafts (hair flowers, tree jewelry, little fairy dolls,
a fairy wand, fairy wishing dust..... add some whimsical music and
dancing if you'd like, and some fancy fairy dress-up!


Through the Looking Glass or Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Enjoy a quirky Alice in Wonderland themed Tea Party event that will
leave you thinking things are getting "curiouser and curiouser!"


More ideas are possible... just ask!

All parties have a buffet table ready for your treats, dishes cups and utensils, a lovely decorated space, dress-up (depending on theme), photo opportunity areas, and more!


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