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Hire a Party Entertainer

I know a BUNCH of amazing local entertainers who can provide fun services at your party. From dance teachers to people to entertain your guests to professional clowns I know many people! 

 Email or call (707) 616-6876 for referrals.

Hire Shoshanna or one of her Magical Friends!

For $150 a magical guest will visit your birthday party or special event.


$150 is:

    A 30 minute visit by a party entertainer who will pose for pictures, share a story, dance, play games and interact with party guests. If your party is two hours long, we suggest having them come in just after the first hour and when they leave have cake and presents be the finale to your party! See below for ideas... 

    A 15-20 minute performance by a local dance performer (Belly Dance, Fairy Dance, Flow Arts like Hooping, Juggling or Poi spinning.... possibly other styles... just ask!).
    Looking for a group performance? Please call - group performances start at $250. 

    A 30 minute mini-dance lesson in something for your guests (Hip Hop, Break Dance, Belly Dance, Fairy Dance, Creative Dance, Hula, Flow Arts... hooping, juggling, poi, etc.... . Please be sure you have enough space. We can bring a sound system.


  • $50 for 30 extra minutes.
    Great if you would like the entertainer to offer facepainting, storytelling or craft facilitation. 



Who can visit your party? 

We don't offer Disney or licensed characters.
Instead we are happy to work with you to find or design a personality to fit your special event such as:  

  • Pink or Purple Princess

  • Flower Fairy, Forest Fairy, Fire Fairy.... any kind of Fairy! :-)

  • Gnome

  • Swashbuckling Pirate, Mermaid, or Water Fairy

  • Steampunk Bunny, Steampunk Cat or Steampunk Fairy!

  • Halloween Fairy, Spooky Witch

  • Snowflake Queen, Winter Fairy

  • Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Glinda the Witch

  • A Starry Night Sky Queen

  • Circus Artists of all kinds...

People with Skills to share.....


  • Belly Dancing (we bring scarves and jingly hip belts for people to learn with!)

  • Creative Dance (we bring scarves and props for creative exploration)

  • Fairy Dance (we bring wings, scarves, and sparkles!)

  • Hip Hop & Break Dancing (we bring mats if needed, and the coolness!)


  • Hula Hooping (we can bring hoops for kids to learn with!)

  • Poi Spinning (we can bring poi for kids to learn with!)

  • Juggling (we can bring scarves and balls for kids to learn with!)

  • Clown Improv Games (we lead the fun!)


  • Wand Making from dowels or driftwood

  • Flower Hair Clips and Accessories

  • Pom Pom animals to adopt and love

  • Sparkly decorations such as tree jewelry

  • Flower Fairy Dolls

  • Crown Making

  • And so many more........ let us know what your theme is! Have glue guns, will travel. :-)


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