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Rent a Party Room at Redwood Raks!

The 40'x60' hardwood floor Jade Studio at Redwood Raks is a great venue for you to rent for your party. 

 Email or call (707) 616-6876 to discuss it.

2 Hour Party

$150. Includes party room, folding chairs, benches, 6' folding tables, two 4' circle tables,
remote-control party lights & mirrorball, and time for setup and takedown.
Extra hour available for $40. You need to remove your own party garbage & recycling.

Able to go Zero Waste? Please try!!!

All you need....

for most super fun dance parties all you need is food, a bunch of balloons, a fun playlist and kids! 

I have hula hoops you may borrow and extra party lights if needed!

Times Available

Fridays 4-6pm or 6-8pm • Saturdays 2-4pm or 5-7pm • Sundays 1-3pm or 2-4pm


Evening Parties

We only OCCASIONALLY allow evening parties, and not for loud or crazy parties.


More ideas are possible... just ask!

 Your party is booked with a 50% deposit.


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