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Upcoming Events!

NOT SURE what will happen for 2021, but here are some of our FAVORITE ANNUAL EVENTS:


  • 4th of July Jubilee, presented by the Arcata Chamber of Commerce
    Come join Shoshanna frolicking in the Kids Zone and in the Bubbles Parade starting at the Bubbles Store at 10am. Free & Fun!

  • Fairy Festival, end of June in 2018 and 2019. Hoping to do a monthlong celebration in July 2021!

  • Doesn't happen every year, but ELEMENTAL is a special facet of the Creamery Festival that happens sometimes in August at the Old Creamery Building in Arcata. This year I helped bring over fifty fairies, ten dragons and eight belly dancers to perform in the Elemental Procession. It was magical!

  • North Country Fair, 3rd weekend in September on the Arcata Plaza

  • Halloween at the Arcata Plaza, hosted by Arcata Main Street
    Shoshanna is Arcata's Halloween Fairy for the Arcata Chamber of Commerce. Come get your picture taken and say hello!

...and more!

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