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Hi there!

I'm a dancer, a dance teacher, an event producer, a MOM and somebody who loves putting on special celebrations for fabulous little people. I started offering sparkly amazing parties at Redwood Raks World Dance Studio in Arcata's historic Old Creamery Building almost since I opened the studio in 2008. I began with Fairy parties and it grew a lot since then! In 2020 the studio went non-profit, and of course there were no fun parties or camps anymore. I offered some outdoor parties, but in 2022 landed the position of Youth Services Outreach Coordinator at the Humboldt County Library and now don't have as much time for daytime parties! 

However.... my goals continue in my new Shoshanna Party in a Box program. I think families can offer fabulous, easy, no-stress, zero-waste parties for their little ones without spending hundreds of dollars. 


My party goals...

  • to offer creative, custom parties in which children have a marvelous time dancing, dressing up, being active and just having the space to PLAY in an open-ended way. 

  • to create very little party garbage, and so I wash and reuse tablecloths, dishes, and utensils! We do usually use paper napkins though. 

  • to give kids the chance to use REAL dishes, tea sets, etc. instead of disposable items. Yes, I trust three year olds with tea sets! With supervision... :-)

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