Hi there!

I'm a dancer, a dance teacher, an event producer, a MOM and somebody who loves putting on special celebrations for fabulous little people.

I've been offering sparkly amazing parties at Redwood Raks World Dance Studio in Arcata's historic Old Creamery Building almost since I opened the studio in 2008. I began with Fairy parties and it's grown since then!

My goals are to offer creative, custom parties in which children have a marvelous time dancing, dressing up, being active and just having the space to PLAY in a really fun party room while parents are able to relax, enjoy the time with their family and friends and know that all will have a great time.

My goal is to try to create very little party garbage, and try to wash and reuse tablecloths, dishes, utensils, sometimes even napkins! I especially love offering children real dishes and tea sets.

I look forward to celebrating with you soon!