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NEW Drop Off Craft Service

Does your CREATIVE KID (or YOU) need an outlet and new projects to do at home? 

My Menu of Crafts:​

I’ve offered wonderful children’s camps for years. We always have a wide variety of projects at camp that kids love, use resources wisely, and encourage creativity. These projects are fairy camp and kid approved and might bring some affordable sparkle and happiness to your days during this challenging time!


Here’s how it works…

  1. Pick craft(s) below

  2. Contact me so we can figure out any details (email / cal 707-616-6876)

  3. Pay via PayPal ( or Zelle 707-616-6876) and be sure I have your address to drop off (you can also surprise a friend!)

  4. I’ll deliver to your door!

The minimum is $10 and I will deliver McKinleyville - Eureka at this time. Call or text 707-616-6876 anytime or email with questions or to customize your project!


You can easily supplement any of these projects with supplies from your own collection, and I hope it gets your family started on being crafty or adds a new project into the mix! I know two weeks at home (or more) is such a long time. :-)


These projects are designed for adults to enjoy, big kids on their own, and younger kids with assistance. For most of these projects you will need to have a glue gun, and probably scissors. What a great time for kids to learn how to use glue guns if they don’t already. I think 8 is a great age to wield a glue gun, and the possibilities are pretty endless! My add-on service at the bottom is glue sticks. :-)


$2 crafts:

    3 of my little folded paper coloring books, 6 colored pencils, and 12 crayons. Pick from princess, knight, under the sea, unicorn, fairy/elf, Alice in wonderland, superhero, belly dance, or cute monster themed coloring books. :-)


$3 crafts:

    Includes a small wooden 2”x4” fairy door, tiny jewels, 6 colored pencils, and 2 fairy door coloring sheets. You can use the colored pencils or any of your own pens or paints. Be careful with felt tipped pens… they tend to bleed and will frustrate younger kids. I recommend ball point or fine tipped sharpie (but colored pencil / paints work best.)

    Includes several felt pieces, wiggly eyes, jewels, pom-poms and instruction/inspiration sheet. You will need scissors, and either needles/thread or hot glue. 

    These are my version of the little wobbly long-legged Mommerath creatures from Alice in Wonderland’s Tugly Woods. You will get 2 pom-poms, 4 feathers, 2 pipe cleaners, and 4 popsicle sticks. Mix and match to create 2 silly fun creatures!


$5 crafts:

    Includes tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and string for hanging to make six tissue paper flowers and instructions. You will need scissors, and maybe a little tape.

    Includes one 12” wooden dowel, and a little collection of assorted ribbons, trim, jewels, feathers, and instruction/inspiration sheet. 

    Includes six pom-poms, 15 wiggly eyes, pipe cleaner pieces, jewels, and other little tiny treasures that might make your creatures extra special! Also, instruction/inspiration sheet.


$8 crafts:

    Includes three pretty premade butterflies, a dowel, yarn, and extra jewels to make a beautiful hanging piece.

    Includes a wooden bead for a head, pipe cleaner, flower petals, leaves, and other tiny treasures for clothes and wings, yarn pieces for hair, more tiny treasures, and instruction/inspiration sheet. Assorted colors, but we can talk about your favorite design elements! Add $5 to make an additional doll. 

    Receive three wooden bodies, and felt to close them and make them hats, roving (wool) for hair, jewels for decorations, and instructions. Makes 3 little gnomes!

    You will receive 3 balloons, a variety of tissue paper, a cup to put your balloon on (you’ll need tape and something to weigh down the cup) and instruction/inspiration sheet. Enough to make 2 lanterns. Add $2 if you’d like the glue mixture (½ water ½ white glue). Add $1 for a battery powered candle!


$10 crafts:

    This is a favorite project at makers nights and camps for sure! I will send one or two small containers (often plastic ones I have saved) a few paper plates, some paper cups, and a fun variety of pipe cleaners, jewels, lids, bottle caps, yarn, corks, plastic beads, wooden sticks, feathers, sparkly paper shapes, stickers, flowers and sparkly hand-colored doilies, and an instruction/inspiration sheet. You will need scissors, hot glue and creativity! 

    Two hair clips or one hair band and flowers, feathers, Jewels, and other little treasures to make something fantastic for your hair. Tell me if you would like to make two hair clips or if you would like to do a hair band, and if you want to do a hairband, decide if you want to have it be symmetrical with flowers on each side, ribbons, and yarn, or if you would like it to be asymmetrical with the flowers on one side. Includes an instruction/inspiration sheet!



  • 75 cents for a big (thick) glue stick

  • 25 cents for a regular size small glue stick

  • Free: extra small paper plates, extra crayons, colored pencils, tissue paper. 

  • If you need other supplies (or more of something) let me know what you need and I will see if I can help! 


Thank you, and I hope these projects are fun for you!
Each little package will come with a couple of extra tiny treasures to enjoy as surprises! :-)


Happy creating,



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01/19 - 01/23

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01/19 - 01/23

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