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Party Themes

My parties are pretty flexible and it's ok to mix and match themes. Just let me know what you're envisioning and I'll let you know if it's possible! Be sure to call or connect early, as party dates fill up far in advance. We've had lots of Pirate Fairy parties, Princess & Pirates, Rainbow Unicorn and other options. We can also always go CRAFTY instead of DANCEY. :-)

All parties are unique, but generally include:
a really fancy decorated space • kids party table with plates, napkins, cups and utensils • facepainting
• dress-up • dancing, games, active activities • tea party / hosted snacks • all set-up & take-down • open-ended time for kids to explore, play and be creative • party favors.  Check PARTY FAQ for more info.

fairy (spring, summer, fall or winter fairy, pirate fairy, fairy princess,
rainbow fairies, elemental fairies - water/fire/earth/air....)
under the sea, mermaid princess, mermaids & pirates, pirate party
princess, princesses & knights, snow princess, dragon knight, golden phoenix
rainbow (dance party, unicorns, butterflies........) • dress-up party •
glow / hula hoop / dance party

fancy tea party (with real tea if desired!)
and more options! Just ask.


and NERF BATTLE parties are super fun!

PREMIUM THEMES (more set-up and preparation)

Wizarding World

Wizard of Oz

Alice in Wonderland

Greek Mythology

Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter's tea party


Is it ok to book a party on this website? YES, but you must first confirm that we can DO the party you
have in mind and make sure the party time you would like to book is available. Thanks!

Princess Parties

PRINCESS PARTIES Princesses and Knights, Dragons and Wizards... a tea party, dress up finery, dancing, and royal festivities make it a splendid affair!

Alice in Wonderland Parties!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND Jump through the looking glass into a world of clocks, crazy tea parties, silly hats, smiling cats and flamingo & hedgehog croquet! A quirky fun good time...

Fairy Parties

FAIRY PARTIES Wings flutter, dancers twirl and fairy dust fills the air in a party designed to delight little Fairies and Elves!

Superhero Parties!

SUPERHERO PARTIES Don a cape and jump into an adventure in this fun comic book and super hero party. It's a dynamic hero training camp!

Wintery Wonderland Parties!

WINTERY WONDERLAND PARTIES Come let it go amongst the snowflakes and glittery partyland complete with tea party and swirly face paint!

Mermaid Parties!

MERMAID PARTIES Dive beneath the waves to a land under the sea of Mermaids, sharks and fishy tales!

Pirate Parties

PIRATE PARTIES Avast mates! Ye scallywags be savvy aboard our ship with treasure hunts, snazzy hats and lots of ways to say "aaaaarggggg!"

Belly Dance Parties!

BELLY DANCE PARTIES Shoshanna has Belly Danced since 1991 and is delighted to teach basic dance moves and veilwork along with dress-up and a chance to perform!

Rainbow Unicorn

RAINBOW UNICORN PARTIES Just a rainbowy super fun time sparkling, dancing, and frolicking!

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